Kohler Law Group
Partner Level Attorneys at a Very Low Cost

Areas of Expertise


Being the largest percentage of our clients, we know all the ins and outs of the tech industry. You can be confident your legal needs are in experienced hands.

Sciences/ Biotech/ Health

Our attorneys are experts in navigating the tremendous amounts of red tape and regulations present in these industries

Media & Entertainment

Licenses, copyrights, trademarks, joint ventures, and more. When it comes to media & entertainment, we can handle any challenge you’re facing.

Human Resources

Whether it involves existing employees or new ones, we can handle all HR legal matters with speed and accuracy.



“Kohler Law Group provided Splunk with precisely the expertise that we needed when we needed it most.”


SVP & General Counsel

“Demandbase began using Kohler Law when we were a small start-up and the firm has been instrumental in helping us grow to where we are today. Kohler Law attorneys are highly skilled, work quickly and when we have a ‘fire’ to put out, they adjust their schedules and work-load to get it done. And as the finance guy, there’s no sticker shock when I receive their monthly invoice.”


Senior Director, Finance & Operations

“Kohler Law provided Marketo with a senior attorney who got to know our business immediately and provides invaluable legal advice and business solutions. The firm is like having an in-house legal department but without the cost.”




Current and Former Clients

Our Mission

a photo of Robert Kohler standing in a nicely decorated room.

We are a virtual, high-tech law firm that can help with all of your legal needs. Whether it’s sales, licensing, and commercial agreements, or any additional legal support, Kohler Law Group can get it done while saving you time and money. All of our attorneys have a minimum of 25 years experience practicing law, so you can rest assured that your legal needs are in capable hands.

Our goal is not to replace your big firm or in-house counsel, but to handle the everyday legal minutiae at a much lower cost, with a quick turnaround.

Contact us today to discuss your legal needs and how we can help fulfill them. Your first call is always with our founder, Robert Kohler, and he’ll pair you with an experienced attorney perfectly suited to your situation.